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Speak So People Listen

Interacting effectively with our teams and the people we serve has never been more important or more challenging.

Attention spans are at an all-time low and technology has radically changed how people connect with one another.

How do we get someone’s attention and how do we keep it? How do we make sure we understand what other people are saying and they understand us? If these questions are not answered properly–success will be compromised and mistakes made. This course gives people the tools, tips and steps to strengthen interactions with teammates, supervisors and customers, so they can be more effective.


Most people are frustrated with how difficult it is to communicate and they think the problem is everyone else. In this workshop, participants learn that if we want to improve our interactions–we must begin with ourselves–whether in person, through email or on the phone. Attendees are given the opportunity through interactive learning to discuss, and assess their own communication skills, obstacles and needs– while devising a plan for improvement.


• Define good and bad communication
• Discuss the criticality of communication at work
• Examine obstacles to communication
• Analyze the complex nature of human interaction
• Allow participants to assess their communication skills
• Offer tips on speaking and listening more effectively
• Help people shape a communication plan


By means of interactive discussion, video clips and business examples – participants learn how to identify communication challenges and how to address them. The process of improving communication is presented along with simple tips for speaking so people listen. Ultimately all participants are encouraged to take ownership of their behavior and develop action-steps to connect better with their teams and the people they serve.