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Train the Trainer

Internalize our highly rated content with train-the-trainer and licensing.

The train-the-trainer option is a popular choice for organizations that are seeking to reduce expenses and direct the delivery of the training internally. The certification process is designed to be both user-friendly and rigorous, ensuring the highest levels of success for everyone involved.

Our goal is to assist internal facilitators in preserving the integrity of the program content and maximizing successful outcomes for the participants.

Clients have commented that our train-the-trainer program was “the best they had ever been through.” These high standards help enhance both the reputation of your organization and the reputation of RDR Group.

How the Train-the-Trainer is Structured

Trainer Selection

We believe that the strength of a T3 experience begins with the proper selection of internal trainers. Some candidates are passionate about certain subjects but ineffective communicators. Others are skilled presenters but “less than ideal” spokespersons on a given topic. We give each client a checklist to aid in the evaluation of potential trainees, which helps build the best possible team to give the specific training most effectively.


Candidates are then asked to observe a training that is facilitated by an RDR Master Trainer so they can see the program delivered in “realtime” with live participants by a seasoned veteran.


Internal trainers then participate in an intensive learning laboratory where they become familiar with the program content, practice their delivery, and receive personal coaching from the RDR Master Trainer.


We then schedule actual training sessions, in which candidates are asked to co-train various modules from the workshop with an RDR Master Trainer. The trainee then facilitates a solo session under the supervision of an RDR Master Trainer in order to receive their final certification.

Ongoing Support

Our work with your trainers doesn’t end there. The RDR Team continues to be available for support, consultation, and coaching to ensure the ongoing success of the initiative. Also, any significant upgrades or changes to the material made during the duration of the license are sent to the client electronically, along with any assistance needed in their implementation. In our minds, the partnership extends beyond the train-the-trainer and license parameters to whatever might be needed.


Our ultimate goal is to achieve superior training results for our clients.

Our work isn’t done until your internal trainers become content experts and champions of the material they’re presenting.

The end result is a well-equipped internal training team whose familiarity with the organization enables them to combine firsthand knowledge of your culture with quality training content at considerable savings to you.