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Creating a Positive Workplace

As workplace expectations increase – energy levels can sometimes struggle to keep pace – and it has many ramifications.

It not only affects morale, productivity and patient satisfaction, it is also takes a personal toll. Everyone knows what it’s like to feel worn-out, tired or bored and some are on the verge of burn-out and defeat. So how do we re-energize ourselves, our teams and our organizations to meet growing demands?

The Focus

This course looks at current scientific research regarding specific behaviors that leaders can practice to build stamina, create enthusiasm and increase motivation to keep themselves and their teams engaged and successful at what they do.


Neuroscience and work conditions:

A culture where people feel stressed creates Cortisol, which results in depression, anxiety & burnout

A culture that is uplifting creates Serotonin, Oxytocin, Dopamine & Endorphins and leads to high engagement & productivity

The Cultural Conditions for Motivation

1) Empowerment (self-management skills)

produces serotonin

How to stop obsessing about things
How to calm the brain down
How to be more optimistic
How to be more appreciative
How to live in the moment

2) Belonging (relationship skills)

produces oxytocin

How to clarify expectations
How to support and encourage
How to celebrate success
How to solve difference

3) Challenge (development skills)

produces dopamine & endorphins

How to set realistic goals
How to set stretch goals
How to tap into passion
How to focus effort