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Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries is a corporate training course about creating a culture of respect, positivity, and productivity in the workplace by RDR Group.

This course will help your organization build and maintain a culture of respect.

Healthy Boundaries examines workplace interactions that can facilitate (or debilitate) productive outcomes. More significantly, the training is non-threatening, practical, and dynamic, so participants actually stay engaged enough to learn. This workshop helps participants build competencies which enable them to address inappropriate behavior and create a more positive work environment.

We have also specifically created a version of this course that is adapted for the unique needs of health care organizations.

This behavior spectrum is one tool in the Healthy Boundaries course by RDR Group.

The Focus

Instead of looking only at legal parameters, this course examines an entire range of behaviors that either help or hinder successful outcomes at work. The spectrum includes everything from mildly disruptive behavior to harassment, violence, and what is generally appropriate or productive. People clearly need to know the boundaries for what is unhealthy behavior, but placing an emphasis on cultivating a culture of positivity and respect helps to prevent incidents before they happen.

Our overall goal is to help each participant consider the consequences of fostering or tolerating a “less than positive” atmosphere. It not only harms the organization–it will hurt them and their future success, which is why we present this as a performance issue requiring total commitment from everyone.

The Need

Today’s workplace represents a unique mix of conflicting pressures, personalities, and values. As a result, workers often do and say things that are perceived as hostile, offensive, and inappropriate. If this goes on unchecked, these incidents end up derailing careers, reputations, and performance results. The fallout is not limited to unwanted lawsuits; it is often behavior which is not technically “illegal” that exacts the highest price in terms of stress, morale, and productivity. By contrast, maintaining healthy boundaries allows an organization to achieve its very best.

The Solution

This course can be shaped to meet your organization’s specific needs (ranging from disruptive behavior to conflict resolution), but the following objectives serve as a general framework. This workshop will:

  • define both healthy and unhealthy behavior
  • discuss the impact of workplace behavior
  • examine various factors that influence workplace behavior
  • give practical advice on how to deal with situations before they become costly
  • offer suggestions on how to encourage a more positive work environment

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By means of interactive discussion, case studies, and video clips, participants review how to identify various types of behavior and how to respond. We present your organization’s process for reporting inappropriate situations, along with simple ideas for addressing issues on an individual level. Ultimately all participants are encouraged to take ownership of their behavior and become advocates for creating a great place to work.