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Facilitated Training

Educating today’s workforce is a major undertaking for any organization. To justify the required investment, our clients demand the highest quality at the most reasonable cost. We understand the risk involved in using an outside vendor–whether it is at the executive level or for frontline employees–and we encourage potential customers to check our references, because the record speaks for itself. In addition, we are pleased to conduct pilot programs of any of our workshops at no charge (except the cost of travel) so potential clients can judge our capabilities for themselves.

The Training Experience

All of our courses are designed to maximize the learning experience and are tailored for the specific client and audience needs. Given the parameters of time, size, and desired outcomes, we strive to create programs that are dynamic, interactive, and practical. The workshops focus on competencies and skill building with opportunities for application, action planning, and real world discussions. We shape each session in partnership with the client to reinforce organizational values and ongoing initiatives, and we incorporate a variety of teaching methods ranging from simulations, games, and exercises, to the use of multimedia, breakout groups, and case studies.

We have had the privilege of facilitating the “number one” rated course at quite a few venues over the years, and we feel confident about continuing to duplicate that success.

The Training Team

RDR Group has a select cadre of seasoned facilitators who have earned their stripes in the field of experience, where it counts the most. Our trainers have worked around the globe at all levels and in virtually all industries while consistently receiving the highest ratings for their sessions. There are no mediocre players on this team–they are truly exceptional at what they do and represent “the best of the best.”

Why use outside trainers?

  1. Subject Matter Experts
  2. Each RDR facilitator has mastered the given course content and become immersed in the respective material. Their expertise goes beyond the internalization of the subject matter to the incorporation of real-life examples that bring the training to life.

  3. Experience and Skill
  4. After logging countless hours in front of every imaginable audience, our team is well prepared for every contingency–from difficult questions to reluctant participants. The training team at RDR was selected because of their proficiency as facilitators. They are uniquely qualified to keep audiences engaged and generate meaningful discussion. Best of all, they are easy to work with and consistently exceed expectations.

  5. Perspective
  6. Sometimes being from the “outside” is a major strength–especially when it is coupled with a strong familiarity with the culture of a particular client. We work hard at getting to know the unique landscape and language of each organization we serve, but we also bring a larger context. The benefit of having exposure to numerous institutions and industries is the healthy framework it provides and the enhanced credibility it brings.


In many cases, the main deterrent to using outside trainers will come down to weighing the benefits against the cost. For that reason, we do everything possible to minimize expenses–from traveling efficiently to offering substantial discounts–but more than that, we genuinely do everything possible to go above and beyond in providing exceptional value, so as to maximize ROI as fully as possible.

How might we partner with you?

Contact us today to see how we might help your organization exceed its training goals. Whether it’s one of our proven courses or working on a custom project together, we’d love to hear how we can support you.