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Combine the personal interactivity of live training with the convenience and availability of the internet.

Our web-based seminars allow participants to interact with a live instructor from wherever they are. The facilitator can display media such as Powerpoints, websites, or video, capture brainstorming sessions on a whiteboard that appears on the computer screens of all participants simultaneously, or lead simultaneous breakout sessions with clients dialing in remotely from anywhere around the world. Some clients have even used this time for internal research via polls and questionnaires.

Four Reasons to Consider Webinars

  1. The trainers have proven track records.
  2. There is no need to conduct an elaborate train-the-trainer that involves pulling staff away from their jobs and running the risk of having someone who may not facilitate as well as planned. Our presenters are experienced trainers who have conducted numerous workshops and courses for major corporations and are subject matter experts.

  3. There are no travel costs involved.
  4. Workbooks can be mailed or sent electronically to any location. There are no airfare, hotel, meals, parking or other expenses.

  5. Everyone gets trained, without exception.
  6. This option eliminates any excuse for not participating. Small facilities, remote locations, part-time staff, shift workers, and departments with only a handful of people can all experience these workshops.

  7. All the benefits of live interaction and discussion.
  8. We’re proud of our e-learning. However, unlike computer-based training, webinars allow participants to engage in dialogue with both the instructor and their peers in real time. This often makes for a more engaging and thought-provoking experience.

Ask for a FREE preview

We will happily arrange a free demonstration without any obligation to you. Our aim is to create the highest quality training experience within the budget parameters you are given, and our hope is to create a long term partnership that is mutually beneficial.