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Full Cycle Learning

Follow-up resources for a truly sustainable learning experience.

Full Cycle Learning Kits are follow-up training resources offered by RDR Group that ensure sustainability of corporate training and organizational learning.
One of the strongest features of the RDR approach is a commitment to creating sustainable learning. Many training efforts are simply one-time events that only provide temporary motivation but very little traction. We attempt to avoid this by focusing all our courses on measurable behaviors rather than simple knowledge or check boxes.

However, in response to clients’ requests over the years we have developed a specific follow-up resource called the Full Cycle Learning Kit. These tools facilitate the integration of specific competencies into ongoing organizational practices and to help “move the needle” around genuine culture change.

How it Works

The Full Cycle Learning Kit is a comprehensive resource including (1) a Leader’s Guide with complete teacher’s notes for managers and supervisors, (2) corresponding Team Handouts for all associates to follow along, and (3) Discussion Slides which outline a series of six structured meetings of roughly thirty-minutes in length. These modules are meant to actively integrate the training into your organization’s everyday workflow. Full Cycle sessions open up dialogue about how to practice the competencies learned in the various workshops we provide. The kits are extremely user-friendly and easy to implement.

Proven Results

Our clients speak highly of this Full Cycle approach because it protects their training investment and extends the life of each learning experience beyond a single educational event. When attendees know in advance that they are expected to participate in these ongoing discussions and create action items, they tend to take the training itself more seriously. Each leader or manager who attends an RDR training session is given a kit designed for that particular workshop (complete with a guide for each competency discussion, handouts to be distributed to their team members in advance, slides to provide a visual template, and simple instructions on how to facilitate each meeting).

Our clients who have implemented this tool have reported significant improvement in the achievement of their goals.

Measurement and Accountability

These kits are a powerful asset for those organizations looking for genuine culture change around a particular training initiative, such as customer service, diversity, or change management. However, there must also be internal support to facilitate the process. Leaders and teams have to be held accountable for following through with the Full Cycle meetings, and their action plans need to be submitted, reviewed, and monitored to insure effectiveness. We recommend attaching rewards and recognition to the successful completion of specific goals, as well as attaching results to specific critical business outcomes. We will work with your organization to help envision what this could look like for you. When these links are created and the correlations between training and achievement are established, the learning effort proves its worth many times beyond your investment.

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